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Because the Sum is Greater than its Parts

24/7/365 emergency response - board-up & temporary repairs - water mitigation - advanced structural drying

fire restoration - contents restoration - textile restoration - deodorization - contents packing & storage

mold remediation - bio-hazard & trauma cleanup - disinfection - demolition and debris removal


As of January 2020, Country Road Holdings, Inc. (d/b/a Cunningham’s Textile Restoration) and Smith Solutions, LLC are emerging as a single combined entity, Clear, under the joint ownership of Chip Cunningham and Jason Smith.  Clear will continue to provide full service disaster restoration; including, but not limited to, temporary repairs and site stabilization, water mitigation, fire restoration, professional disinfection, mold remediation, personal property restoration/packing/storage, and textile restoration.


Combining services, combining quality, and combining experience... strengthening our presence and ability to provide for our Clients.


We are immensely excited for what’s to come! While we had coordinated the operations of both companies over the years, many times the very real divide between them became an unintended obstacle. Whether it was a confusing message of how the two companies with different names worked together, clients not knowing which company to call, or even who was in charge for services where the two companies worked as a team, we’ve caused some unnecessary self-inflicted wounds.

Our desire for clarity was the origin of both our move to combine as well as the name we ultimately chose. Instead of a muddled product offering, we want our clients to have a CLEAR picture of exactly what we bring to the table. Instead of our clients struggling with whom to contact during the course of their insurance claim, we want to ensure CLEAR communication at every step. If it’s the adjuster or the insured selecting the best contractor for the job, we want their choice to be CLEAR.

The result of our combination is a sum greater than the parts. We’re confident our two good companies offer far more as one great company, and we’re intent on making that CLEAR.