Clear uses chemistry approved by the EPA for CoViD-19 efficacy with a 1-minute kill time and rated "0" by OSHA in all risk categories (Health, Flammability, Reactivity & with no Personal Protective Equipment required). They are NSF Registered (D-2) as no-rinse required food contact surface sanitizers.

Clear has been providing professional disinfection services within the private, commercial, educational, and government sectors since 2015. Clear utilizes professional grade electrostatic technology and disinfection agents registered with the EPA and named by the CDC to kill harmful pathogens. 

Common applications include...

  • Commercial Office Spaces

  • Government Buildings

  • Medical Facilities

  • Assisted Living Facilities

  • Law Enforcement Facilities, Vehicles, and Equipment

  • Child Care Facilities, Schools, and Universities

  • Athletic Facilities: Stadiums, Locker Rooms, Gyms

  • Hotels & Lodging

  • Travel and Mass Transit: Planes, Trains, Buses, Charter Vessels, Cruise Ships

In short, Clear safely returns your home, restaurant, or office to a threat level of zero. When our team leaves, you can rest assured that no matter what exposure existed on surfaces before we arrived, those same surfaces are now free of risk.

Professional Disinfection Services


Clear provides proactive maintenance for Clients seeking to minimize risk of infection for building inhabitants. Routine treatment provides the maximum level of indoor environmental health. Disinfection plans have proven to significantly impact the spread of common contagions such as Influenza and MRSA; protecting inhabitants, reducing absenteeism and improving performance.


Treatment of spaces with multiple confirmed cases of pathogenic infection.  Outbreak response is our most intensive protocol and may include environmental hygienist testing and the treatment of HVAC and other air filtration systems.


Reactionary disinfection is the treatment of spaces that have suspected or confirmed pathogenic exposure.  All surfaces are disinfected with electrostatic application with manual wipe down of high-touch points.  Reactionary treatment is often accompanied by air quality and surface testing by an environmental hygienist which determines the treatment protocol.  


Existing clients may opt for our Equip & Train plan which enables them to perform maintenance disinfection between Clear's routine preventative treatments, or even reserve Clear's professional services for reactive or outbreak response.  We train clients' staff on disinfection procedures and assist clients in selecting and procuring the appropriate maintenance equipment. This is a custom offering for existing disinfection clients only.


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