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In an effort to maintain a healthy indoor environment and protect its family of students and faculty, Grace Preschool is disinfected continually by its own staff.  In addition, Clear provides ongoing consultation and professional monthly deep cleaning and disinfection last performed on:

November 05, 2020

Clear carefully chooses chemistry based on client profile and the threat to be addressed.  For CoViD 19, our leadership team selected Medentech’s Klorsept (*1) for both its safety profile (NFPA rating 0,0,0) as well as its relatively brief required dwell time of 1 minute (*2) for virus deactivation (kill).

Our services are performed using air-assisted electrostatic applicators (*3) to ensure proper coverage. As with all disinfectants and chemicals we apply, Clear closely follows the manufacturer’s required concentration and protocol for CoViD 19 (4306 ppm, Hepatitis A virus; Coxsackievirus B3).

 As an added measure of health and safety, the Grace Preschool facilities are protected quarterly with Goldshield GS 75 (*4).  Goldshield kills germs, bacteria and mold on contact and provides a residual protectant that lasts for up to 90 days.

Clear has been providing professional disinfection services within the private, commercial, educational, and government sectors since 2015. For questions or more information, please contact us: (443) 561-9100 or

*1 Note that the US Version of Medentech’s Klorsept is PURTAB.  PURTAB Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

*2 EPA LIST N; - Search by EPA Reg# 71847-6 PURTAB List N Search Result

*3 The Science Behind Air-Assisted Electrostatic Spraying

*4 Goldshield EPA Registration - 85556-2;  Goldshield Safety Data Sheet (SDS)